Played before and want to return?

Are you interested in returning to squash after a big break? We would like to hear from you! Please give us a call on 0439 357 327 and we will make it really easy for you to ease your back into it.

Here are some tips for getting back into squash after an extended break...

  1. Ease your way back into it - almost all of us will overdo it and this can lead to injuries.
  2. Don't play a hard match your first time back on court.
  3. When you play your first match, make the next day an easy one.
  4. A cool down/stretch can save you a lot of pain the first few times back on the court.
  5. Have realistic expectations. Don't expect to be right back where you were when you stopped playing. Sure, some people you were close to before may be ahead of you now. Just focus on yourself and the long term goals. Write them out and set time lines.
  6. Use your first 2 or 3 matches of the season as training tools. Have lower expectations and just go see where your game and fitness is, while remembering that your bigger goals are focused on more important tournaments later in the season.
  7. Remember that especially in these situations, less is more!

If you follow these steps you are more likely to get back to where you left off and stay healthy. Sometimes the hardest step to take is the first one after a layoff. This is why I suggest not getting right back into matchplay.

Squash is such a tough sport if you've taken a break. You'll likely get squash butt and hurt in places you haven't felt in months or years! That's why it's important to ease your way back into it. Maybe you start with a solo hit, some easy drills; a few days later maybe get up to a single game at the end of your drill session. You can also do some ghosting or movement drills to get your body prepared for the squash specific movements that your body will about to endure.

Easing back into squash is extremely difficult. We want to work hard and get back to where we think we should be and often do too much too soon. Knowing when to say enough is enough for right now and I'm not quite ready for that is key. Normally we never want to admit we can't do something or that we're too exhausted, especially to do well in squash. Give yourself some slack the first month 2 back and you're body will thank you for it later in the season!


These tips have been borrowed from here.

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