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Get Fit the Fun Way with Squash!

Getting more exercise is something many of us know we should do, but it just seems too hard to achieve. No one disputes that regular exercise can improve sleep, decrease weight, alleviate depression, strengthen bones and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer. Yet many of us aren’t as active as we would like.

Sure, running repeated laps of an oval or swimming from one end of a pool to the other will help, but it can just seem too hard and boring.

The secret to getting fit and staying fit is to find an activity that you want to do week after week. Something fun you can do with friends, something that remains playfully challenging over time, and can provide the reward of winning. Something you can do when it’s raining, and when it’s 40 degrees outside.

Doubles Night

Doubles Night

Junior Coaching

Junior Coaching

Pennant Squash

Pennant Squash

Social Squash

Social Squash

If this appeals to you, try squash!

Squash is an indoor sport suitable for people of any skill or ability. It can be enjoyed by people who have never played much sport before, and those who play many sports every week. The key is its simplicity.

The sport can be described as running with a racquet. Two players run around a small room, hitting a small bouncy rubber ball off the walls and floor. The aim is to hit the ball in such a way that the other player can’t return it. That’s about it.

You can start playing games with a very low level of fitness and sporting ability. Of course, if you keep playing, you will get much fitter and more able!

To give you a calm and relaxed start to squash, we have specialised programs for men, women and teenagers to teach the basic skills in a supportive and friendly environment. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of playing squash, but you can play it your whole life and never master it. And your life will probably be a bit longer because of it!

Forbes Magazine found squash to be the healthiest sport in the world.

"The preferred game of Wall Street has convenience on its side, as 30 minutes on the squash court provides an impressive cardiorespiratory workout. Extended rallies and almost constant running builds muscular strength and endurance in the lower body, while lunges, twists and turns increase flexibility in the back and abdomen."

Men’s Health Magazine calls squash “the ultimate fitness sport.” 

No other sport tests your range of movement and acceleration like squash, so the correct warm-up is crucial,” says David Pearson, national coach with England Squash. Pearson prescribes 5 minutes of dynamic flex drills: “Warm-up with alternate arm rolls, ankle flicks, high knees, walking lunges and squats. This encourages higher blood flow through your joints to minimize injury risk and up the intensity and calorie burn on court.” Even if you do look like you’re an employee of The Ministry of Funny Walks while you do it."

Britain’s National Health Service advises “regularly playing squash gives excellent all-round health benefits.”

"Regularly playing squash gives excellent all-round health benefits, particularly for the heart and lungs. Squash can help build strong muscles in the legs and buttocks. 
The sport requires quick movements and lunges, which improves muscle tone. Moving to and hitting a moving ball also helps strengthen the back and shape the tummy."

The Mildura Squash Club meets at the Irymple Community Leisure Centre, next to the footy ground near the highway. To find out how you can start one of our beginners’ programs with a FREE session, call us on 0439 357 327.

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